Why I am running the LA Marathon.

Standing in for lighting test at Hirshberg Foundation research lab photo shoot

The seed was planted last October.

My client, the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research announced the LA Marathon will be having a relay for the 1st time which is only available for people running with official charities. The foundation being an official charity had available slots and I was totally excited to be a part of the Hirshberg Training Team.

It was also time for me to start a new goal. I was ready to get back into running and training for the marathon has not only tested my physical strength but mental strength as well.

During those moments of what the hell was I thinking or this hill sucks, I thought of the families that have been touched by pancreatic cancer and, especially Agi Hirshberg for her strength and passion to find a cure. Going the distance or battling some weird road rash didn’t seem as hard. My mental mantra became “You Can Do It!”

As the web administrator for the Hirshberg websites, I get to see and hear about this deadly disease firsthand and meet the people supporting its research. I am so proud to be around a group of people that have passion and strength to fight for a cure and assist families touched by pancreatic cancer.

My goal is to raise $1,100 for pancreatic cancer research.

I am now READY to RUN and am very close to meeting my fundraising goal.

Please donate any amount if you can. Thank you in advance and see you at the finish line.

Jennifer Mola

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