The Running Bug

It has started.  I never thought that running would change me into one of those people, those running people.  In my mind, running has not changed much in my life.  Sure I have to decline friend’s invitations to hang out until the wee hours and instead go to bed early on Fridays, and yes, I have started to eat the energy goo packs and gummies to make it through an 8 mile run, and ok, I have joined the ranks of people waiting in line for coffee debating the pros and cons of running shorts versus compression leggings.  But I never really stopped to think about how running would affect my day-to-day life.  I never thought of the fact that missing a run had the potential to throw off my sleep schedule, change my eating habits, and alter my mood.

Last night it was freezing (by Los Angeles standards) and had been raining all day.  The native Angelino in me balked at the idea of going on a run, and to reiterate, I’ve only been a “running person” for the past 3 weeks.  The run I missed last night has thrown me off.  I woke up twice in the middle night, wide-awake and anxious, ready to start running.  Trying to fall back to sleep my legs were twitching faster than a greyhound dreaming of sprinting after rabbits.  I have been jittery all day, food is not interesting and I have been on edge, waiting to get out there and run off the day’s stress.  Running has so quickly become a part of my life that missing a run now seems impossible.  I find myself dreaming of running routes, calculating miles as I drive and mapping runs during work breaks.  I have to stop myself from mentioning my training in every conversation I have.  I bring up running just to tell people about the marathon and how far I’ve been running.  It is only Tuesday and I have already decided which gummies I will be taking on my upcoming 10 mile run, which socks, headband, sports bra, hat and shirt; I even have my after run snacks set aside. Needless to say I have caught the running bug.  That’s the one thing no one talks about, how much you are going to fall in love with training.

Is it just me?  Do you love or hate training for a big event?  What small perks keep you motivated?

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