Jonathan Running the 2011 LA Cancer Challenge

Jonathan Moerschel

Jonathan Moerschel, Violist, Calder Quartet I came to understand the devastating effects of pancreatic cancer about 9 years ago when I lost my first wife to the disease.  She fought it bravely for four and a half years, but lost the fight in 2003.  Having seen, first-hand, the aggressive nature of pancreatic cancer, I am especially […]

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Lisa Espinosa with her kids

Lisa Espinoza, Team JR286

I am running the LA Marathon for 2 reasons: 1) As I turn 40 this year, I want to be able to say I ran a marathon! I have never been a fan of running long distances and so this is one challenge I am pushing myself to conquer this year. 2) In the last […]

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Dona McBride running one of her many marathons

Dona McBride, Team Heather & TEN & CCJMT

I am running the LA Marathon with the Hirshberg Training Team because I love to run.  The 2012 LA Marathon will be my 24th marathon.  I started running 7 years ago and I hope to be a lifelong runner.  I am raising money for the Hirshberg Foundation because they do such wonderful work. Heather Stevens, […]

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Lisa Breton’s Story – LA Marathon 2011

My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at age 60, in August of 2009. He was very fortunate to have had an endoscopy which revealed the tumor in its earliest stages.  He had the Whipple procedure and is currently doing very well!  Once he made it to the one year anniversary of his diagnosis, I felt this unwavering […]

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The Running Bug

It has started.  I never thought that running would change me into one of those people, those running people.  In my mind, running has not changed much in my life.  Sure I have to decline friend’s invitations to hang out until the wee hours and instead go to bed early on Fridays, and yes, I […]

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