Martin Fung, Team JR286

Martin dyed his hair purple for pancreatic cancer!!!!

Martin Loves to Run!

Martin loves running, especially in the Marina early Saturday mornings!

One person can make a difference!

For me that one person is Sarah Reinertsen and she was the guest speaker at the Summer 2012 Go To Market Meeting for JR286/NIKE Accessories where I work.  Sarah is a Nike athlete and is the first female leg amputee to complete the Ironman Triathlon.  She told her story of how she began to run track and broke the 100-meter world record for female above-the-knee amputees at the age of 13 and was the youngest member of the 1992 US Paralympics Team.  She then started to run marathons completing her first NYC Marathon in 1997.  Sarah shared the details of her struggles and triumphs in training, winning and even some failures.  After conquering Marathons, she put it out there that she wanted to complete the Ironman Triathlon even though she could not swim or ride a bike.  She DID learn to swim and she DID learn to ride a bike and she DID get disqualified in her first attempt when she failed to meet the qualifying time for the bike leg by 15 minutes.  She DID complete the Ironman Triathlon World Championship the next year in 2005.

Everyone was so inspired by Sarah’s story – especially how she put it out there and then figured out how to get it done.  And she does this as an amputee!  The night after her presentation, I got to thinking what should I put out there?  So I had been thinking of maybe doing the LA Marathon to raise money for The Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer.  I did The Country Music ½ Marathon in 2008 and raised $9,600 for the foundation and checked off running on my “Bucket List”.  But the Hirshberg Foundation is now an official charity for the LA Marathon and we have a cheer station at mile 21.  A few people at work did the LA Marathon last year and in the rain, maybe I could do a full marathon.  The next day at the end of my presentation, I put it out there that I would commit to the LA Marathon and raise $10,000 for the foundation.

Several others at work also put it out there that they will run the LA MARATHON and we have what is now TEAM JR286 on the HIRSHBERG TRAINING TEAM – there are 11 of us, and it started with Sarah!

While running I keep the following quote in mind and it helps me through the difficult patches:

“You have to wonder at times what you’re doing out there. Over the years, I’ve given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement.”  — Steve Prefontaine

My “Running Mantra” is “Get it done” Thanks to Coach Robert.

What helps be get through the hardest part of my run is my team mates that are running with me on Saturday training runs – we all help each other.

I love to run by the beach.

No solid foods for me – I like GU gels – especially with caffeine – any flavor will do.  Shot Blocks are the gummies for me – especially Black Cherry.  Also started with Carbo Pro added to my hydration – Coach Robert recommends and it seems to help with the long runs.

Martin & Elissa at the 2011 LA Marathon Cheer Station (before the rain really hit!)

Martin with coach Robert Mills at the 2010 LA Marathon celebration dinner

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