Dona McBride, Team Heather & TEN & CCJMT

Dona McBride running one of her many marathons

I am running the LA Marathon with the Hirshberg Training Team because I love to run.  The 2012 LA Marathon will be my 24th marathon.  I started running 7 years ago and I hope to be a lifelong runner.  I am raising money for the Hirshberg Foundation because they do such wonderful work. Heather Stevens, who was a member of my running club in Long Beach, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the Hirshberg Foundation was so kind and such a lifeline to her during her fight and after she passed away from pancreatic cancer.

During my runs I keep this phrase in my mind, “Fill your mouth with praise, fill your mind with gratitude, and you will fill your heart with rejoicing!”  It motivates me through the rough patches.  Listening to music keeps me from having to use a mantra, some of the phrases from songs will carry me through the toughest spots: I will run and not grow weary!  You can’t catch me, and if you get too close, I’ll be gone like a cool breeze!

My favorite place to run is along the path in Huntington Beach, with the waves rolling in, the sea birds skirling overhead, and the surfers changing by their cars.

I like to snack on dry roasted almonds.  I eat gels when I race.  After the race is over I love a grilled cheese sandwich!  Oh, I am 60 years old.

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