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Running Tips

  I don’t think I will ever forget the many lessons I learned after literally walking into a marathon with NO training. It’s 3 am wake up. Fed the baby and kissed both kids and hubby. It’s really happening. I’ve arrived and I see all the runners. Everyone is there all pumped up. Loud music is playing [...]

This is my brief evaluation of gus, gels, bars and running food. This will probably not be helpful to anyone but myself seeing as everyone I have discussed this with has wildly different things to say.  Regardless, I am going to tell you my discoveries from my past three months of training. Gu Energy Gel: [...]

I’m old.  Not I-voted-for-Abraham-Lincoln old but I used to play LPs . . . and 45s . . . and 78s.  And I remember being broke for an entire weekend on more than one occasion because I failed to get to the bank before it closed on Friday. I began running nearly 30 years ago [...]

My story... Completing a marathon has been on my bucket/life to-do list... and I knew that I wanted to do it before I turned 30! Why 2012? Well- our team leader, Martin Fung came into the office and announced that he had signed up for the 2012 LA Marathon. I admired him for signing up and committing [...]

It has started.  I never thought that running would change me into one of those people, those running people.  In my mind, running has not changed much in my life.  Sure I have to decline friend’s invitations to hang out until the wee hours and instead go to bed early on Fridays, and yes, I [...]