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My story… Completing a marathon has been on my bucket/life to-do list… and I knew that I wanted to do it before I turned 30! Why 2012? Well- our team leader, Martin Fung came into the office and announced that he had signed up for the 2012 LA Marathon. I admired him for signing up and committing so early- marathons are crazy! Before I knew it I had this gut feeling that 2012 was going to be the year for me to do it. Then I signed up and recruited fellow teammate Melissa Black to run as well! So here I am, still nervous, yet so excited for all of the support. More than anything, I feel like I am running for a lot of people- for all who will benefit from The Hirshberg Foundation’s Research for Pancreatic Cancer someday, for those who have been generous with donations, and for myself.

My favorite inspirational quote: “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” (not super inspirational but I live by that- on many levels!). What gets me through my runs: It’s a mind game to me, really. Whatever it takes to cheer myself on. Visualize where I want to be. What my goals are. Put on one of my power songs to pump me up- MUSIC is so important to me. But the hardest part of my run- knowing how good and proud I will feel after I’m done!

I run along the strand- Manhattan Beach, Redondo, El Segundo, Playa del Rey, and Santa Monica. Love it all. I love being by the water! I love seeing others along the way, and I especially love watching the sunset while I’m running.

Here is my running snack breakdown:

  • MY FAVORITE: GU Energy Gel – Vanilla Bean 
  • -AM runs – GU Energy Gel (any flavor w/ caffeine) right when I wake up or 15-30 min prior to run OR an apple
  • -Other runs – Energy gel, apple, or a small bar (Special K Strawberry 90 Calorie) an hour prior to run
  • -During run – Clif Shot Blocks (Strawberry), Gatorade (G2-Grape), or another GU Gel 🙂
  • -After run – Milk. Fruit (apple, banana) and/or bar – within 30 minutes of completion! Need to refuel

My biggest run accomplishment to date is the 18-mile run I completed on January 21, 2012. I’m about to exceed that this Saturday, February 4th with 20 miles!

I love music! That’s my favorite part about running. I’m in my own world- I love to see what’s around me, listen to my music, listen to my thoughts, focus on my breathing, keep myself motivated with positive thoughts.  I have a lot more songs but here are some of my current favorites, my power songs:


That's me!

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